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Umuaka is a vibrant town that lies between Owerri and Orlu. see location . She is rich in culture, tradition and values. She is never short of festivities that periodically occur in each calendar year. The festivities are in the range of traditional festivals (Oghu, Ekere mgba, Emume, Ichiechichi, etc), cultural dance (Ekeleke, Ogbanamma, Egwu-ohia, etc) and sporting tournaments (football, basketball, handball, tennis, field and track events). There are always many periods of excitement and entertainment in Akahland (Umuaka). I guess that is why she is our favourite holiday place. A place that made us the Happy-people we are today and forever more. Umuaka has been sited by Imo State government as one of the major tourist attraction centers in the state due to her natural endowments such as: River, valleys, creeks, hills, swamp forest, crude oil reservoir, artworks, strategic location, culture and tradition.
However, this Website is developed for all Umuaka people, friends and well-wishers, more especially, for people in diaspora who desire to have a close touch with our beloved home town, with great emphasis to Akah children in diaspora, who due to circumstance are not opportune to pass their childhood or youthful period in Umuaka. This medium will enable them to make a pass to our lovely home town, and also ignite in them the passion, enthusiasm and admiration that is in any person that has ever lived in Akahland or has Akah blood running in his or her vein.

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